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Document Security & Checks

CheckPoint® is a multi-feature security system to help protect valuable documents from fraud and theft. CheckPoint® has 5 free security features.

Ultimate document security! Your business can have peace of mind when you print your checks with CRT. Our laser checks offer 5 free security features.

• Border copy warning - designed to alert recipients to the security features on the check
• Micro-print signature line - extremely small type is used in the signature line (ex. AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE)
• Bleed-through numbering - special red ink dyes in the in arabic and MICR numbers that bleed through to the reverse side (recommended for continuous only; not laser compatible)
• Chemically reactive papers - stains prevent against alternation attempts from alcohol, acetone or bleach
• Invisible fluorescent fibers - visible only under an ultraviolet light.

Additional Security Features

• Void pantographs
• Prismatic printing
• Ultraviolet ink
• Artificial watermark
• Mead Defensa™ Basic
• Mead Defensa™ Design SG
(white and colored safety with watermark) • Mead Defensa™ Premium
  • Boise Check Protect™
  • Contact our Sales Team for further information and to discuss your application.

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